Insights on delivering value

The word value is being used so often with stretched interpretations. From the insights shared in this post, I think the word value is so virtual and not always easy to define up-front. It is something that you admire when you see it and you cannot have prescription for. Of course we always target customer satisfaction and to meet the project constraints. However,  we know that this objective can be done in different ways that produce different value. This value is related to and judged by the customer and development organization while it’s delivered by the project team.

How we improve the value to be delivered while in the mean time we can not define it? Continue reading

Risk management in agile/ Scrum

I believe the Scrum frame-work itself is built to address risks. I managed CMMI® program which at heart of its level-3 is risk management and requirement to organize risks into taxonomy relevant to the organization. This taxonomy describes risks categories and attributes that in my opinion are addressed directly if we strictly apply Scrum. I think risk management is so powerful in the world of traditional project management. It reinforces the illusion that we can have a right plan at the beginning.
The advantage of risk management in traditional project management is getting the team together in up-front to assess the possible threats that the project might encounter in the future. Based on those threats the project plan is adjusted so it can weather the proposed risks. Also, it helps to gain extra budget from up-front in case the risks were materialized. Continue reading