The product development game

During the Innovation Games® summit held in San Jose, CA in January, 2013, Tom Grant gave a keynote presentation titled “It is time to change the rules at work”.

Grant characterized the state of product development as follows:

  1. Complexity: Our software products are so complex to develop, maintain and implement.
  2. Poor customer insight: We as developers don’t understand what the customer value is. Therefore, our software is not providing new opportunities to the customer which creates business growth or addressing real pains.
  3. Lack of understanding of how customer is like at work: Generally, we donot understand the customer’s world. Developers in many cases are expected to create products for various industries, for example, banking and health care.
  4. No honest conversation with our customer: Normally we don’t like customers or at least we are not sincerely trying to help them. We even call out them by phrases like:
    They don’t know what they want or even we claim that they don’t know their own business. The customer change their minds too often. No one is available to answer development team questions and so forth.
  5. Dysfunctional team: The cross-functional team who develops the product lacks productive communication. Team members don’t collaborate to figure the business value to our customer. Moreover, team members are from different non-aligned groups which add inefficiencies. Continue reading