Culture Change for Agile implementation

A fundamental question here is do we need culture change to:

  1. Be able to implement Agile, or
  2. To produce  real value from Agile implementation

Point-2 is where we should aim. We can have point-1 addressed in the form of implementation of a certain Agile framework with its accompanied ceremonies but yet everyone wonders how we improved.

After reading the Cutter’s blog post here by Christopher Avery I had my own reflections in the next concept map.


  1. As change you should stop asking management to change but instead you be the change yourself.
  2. Sharpen your management skills and avoid getting distracted in technical practices.
  3. Play the role of Agile manager starting with observation without introducing changes.
  4. Maintain Improvement Backlog and watch for improvement opportunity.
  5. Introduce change carefully and succeed.
  6. Collaborate with the rest of managers in the organization to enrich and strengthen Agile management movement. Work with them to effect change at the department level.
  7. The ultimate success happens when executives adopt iterative management framework instead of linear management.
  8. Establish relationship with executives at highest possible level. They will support your Agile change initiative and therefore help the organization brings the highest possible value from becoming Agile.

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