Solving our own problems by watching movies

The more I watch movies or read stories, the more I get impressed by the author’s perspectives and rich imagination. Such stories make me wonder about how strange life is. When I face my own life events, I can’t apply what I have learned from those stories. They can enrich my experience but I should find my own way out.

The more case studies I read about companies and how they implemented Agile, I feel admiration for their persistence and innovative ideas. But, like watching movies, it is their story and mine will be different. The differences come because of:

  • Company context
  • Culture
  • People
  • Management style
  • Unwritten rules

Factors can be more, but those all what I can think of. I tried to avoid using more understandable factors which are tangible like industry and company size.

We can’t succeed in implementing a process change (e.g. Agile implementation) without paying due respect to the above factors. The above factors interact and form a chemistry. Even if we understand each factor separately, we can’t know what will happen when the factors interact.

Starting from where we are when embarking into Agile transformation can help in evolving the process because it respects the above factors .  This approach allows us to understand our own story, which should be unique before deciding on a solution. The solution should be for a problem at a time, then assess the impact, learn and introduce another solution.

Agile provides values and principles with proven benefits. We can’t argue whether we should use Agile because it already became the mainstream approach for software management. But, we can follow implementation approach, which means we haven’t  appreciated enough the above factors and their unknown interaction. The other approach, which I recommend,  is to achieve Agile values and principles through immersing into the organization. Respect what we have, and introduce incremental improvements on sustainable pace.

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