Set-up which Kanban serves us more

The setup is a project involving sub-contractors from different vendors working in highly regulated industry.

The objective is how to make these diverse skills work as self-organized team?

The challenges are:

– Strong command and control culture.

– Non streamlined views on how work needs to be done.

– People work independently with fear to become inter-dependent.


– When establishing a sprint goal, it tends to be assigned to a team member instead of being signed off by the team. It became more an individual commitment instead of team goal.

– Many chiefs with fewer developers.

– QA is doing testing after the fact.

– Business people are blamed of not having detailed requirements document upfront.

– Goals are defined in the middle of the sprint.

– Value delivered by the team is not highly appreciated.

– Lack of courage to agree on definition of done.

– Lack of courage to agree on definition of ready.

Scrum prescription

– Agreeing on goal with the team, can be a good step to address some of then issues above


– Map the value stream as start which is a sort of definition of done and definition of ready.

– The goal could be an MMF with a target date.

For this particular situation having team commitment during sprint planning is challenging endeavour. The specialities of the sub-contractors can be mapped as stages in the Value Stream. Asking team members to work on multiple stages may not work, therefore, we need to ensure low WIP limit for making the contractor accountable on SLA for time required to deliver at his stage.

One thought on “Set-up which Kanban serves us more

  1. Hi Sameh,

    Are you sharing the details of a project from real life, or is this just an example?

    By the way, I have published an article lately on the definition of done, which you can see here.

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