Risk management for ScrumBut

Once I read that a project plan without risk assessment is a kid’s plan. Scrum is great framework design around “continuous risk mitigation” or probably avoidance.

Organizations who run projects in “command-and-control” mentality and making transition to Scrum are challenged and normally resort to ScrumBut implementation. ScrumBut is a low-fidelity flavor of Scrum which for me can be worst than command-and-control as it deprives the organization from doing full-fledged risk management.

Risk management is a proactive critical component in either Agile or traditional world. Agile project management de-emphasizes formal risk management. Because if Agile is adequately implemented then all benefits of doing risk management are attained. From my view, good Agile implementation can provide results which far exceed the implementation of formal risk management.

ScrumBut is where the organization wants to move to Agile but held back by its legacy of bureaucracy and inefficiencies. ScrumBut is where leadership is in the test and instead we have mediocre people who try to survive by implanting waste. That waste creates environment where morale is low and is characterized by excessive motion but with little accomplishment.

For ScrumBut I highly recommend going back to the basis of pro-active project management which can be implemented through effective risk management at various levels including:

  • strategic
  • technical
  • teams
  • sub-contractors, and
  • others

Ignoring formal risk management in ScrumBut creates domino effect of spiral project failures, because of losing the pro-activity which is the back-bone of Scrum.

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