Transition of a business analyst to product-owner

I had a meeting with a new Scrum team which already had business/analyst, before transitioning to Scrum, who was designated as the product-owner (PO). He was one of the most participating attendees in my Scrum class which I deliver to more than 150 employees.

The following diagram sketches the role of PO.

I chose to disband our kick-off meeting after 10 minutes of starting because he said we have deadline and he doesn’t not know what is required!

The PO has the following handicaps:

  1. No access to the end client, and
  2. He came to know about commitment as second-hand.

I communicated to management the expectations from PO role as the owner of the following:

Product vision:  Contains business problem, high level features and beneficiaries.

User-story workshop: Engages engineers, client and other groups in developing user stories.

Product backlog Sizing: Helps in team in doing Sizing by replying to team questions.

Release planning: Establishes release defined features & sprint-wise stories.

Sprint planningExplains to the team user-stories for the coming sprint.

Sprint review meeting: Accepts/ rejects created executable.

Product Backlog: the only source of what is required from the team.

But before doing that, the PO should be responsible on:

1- Making commitment while involving the team.
2- Involving various groups and Client in establishing the stories and reviewing the product.
3- During the sprint:
-Reply on team queries

-Review the UX designs

-Avoid change in sprint goal

-Review early finished work before sprint end

4- Acceptance of the product by the client.
5- Continually groom the Product Backlog with team involvement.

The next skills required for PO are NOT readily available in a traditional business analyst:

– How to engage influencing parties?
– How to influence client requests?
– How to become comfortable in starting with vague requirements and evolve them with the team?

3 thoughts on “Transition of a business analyst to product-owner

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