In implementing Scrum, we create a team Improvement Backlog. The items in this iBacklog can be:

1. Organizational impediment: This is an organizational change, for example, to create a new role called Product Owner as the single point of contact to the team.

2. Infra-structural improvement: The adequacy of Definition of Done is limited by the infra-structural for the development. For example, ability to make hourly build and integration of code lines from various teams.

3. Team practice to be implemented: Team practices include self-organization, collaboration and empiricism. This is in  addition to engineering practices.

4. Scrum ceremonies

5. Other teams coordination

To quickly boot-strap Scrum implementation in a team, I found that prioritizing the iBacklog and starting as soon as we can increase the chances of success in implementation. For example, there may be 1-2 organizational changes to be resolved, then we agree on Definition of Done, then implement Scrum ceremonies directly.

If we succeeded in implementing the ceremonies, Scrum will help in surfacing more improvement opportunities during retrospectives and other Scrum control points. Scrum Master or coach should maintain this iBacklog with the same rigor the Product Owner maintains the product backlog.

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