Can we remove term project from software development?

My understanding that the term project in software development is at best confusing. The engineering team consists of all skills needed to produce increment of the software product. The term release is more indicative than “project” for the kind of work done by the engineering team. The release establishes the following:

  1. Release defined features.
  2. Sprint-wise stories forming the slicing of requirements in order to create the release features incrementally and often.
  3. Release tracking charts.
  4. Release creates a shippable client product while interim sprints are increments which are potentially shippable
  5. By end of the release we create plan for the next release.
  6. The release plan is the way to bring the product road-map to reality.
  7. The business value delivered to the client is measured by the overall business value of the features of the release features.
  8. The release plan has associated budget and estimated business value.
  9. Risk assessment was done at feature level and in totality constitute overall release risk.
  10. There is NO project manager. The LEGO guy at the right doesn’t lead this funny LEGO wagon. Instead there is facilitator who has no authority but capable to help the team to adopt the Agile principles.

The business people should understand that the team works according to its release plan and not to their project plan. This understanding should shift the organization from project paradigm to team paradigm. Sales people should create commitments based on the backlog and release plans per team.

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