Daily backlog prioritization

Currently I work with a team which its product is time sensitive for revenue generation. The requirements arrive in sporadic pattern and changes are the norm. Without going into the details of how effective product management is, we are required to deal with situation for increasing revenue.

Apparently we used Kanban for managing the product development of this team. We included 3 minutes for backlog prioritization as part of the daily stand-up, which served to:
– Address the volatility of cards prioritization, specifically mitigated the development of unnecessary cards.
– Product owner was able to have cards just-in-time when developers are about to have available capacity.
– Product owner managed to lower the speed of creating cards if development team is full so that she got chance to enhance requirements. This improved the quality of requirement to the development team.
– Reiterated that the team works on the highest priority cards.

A key policy is to provide the product owner feedback within a day from adding a new card. This has implemented technical risk assessment and meaningful collaboration between the team and product owner.

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