Blind spot of visual board

The visual board has an orthogonal dimension which we can not visualize, this is the quality of engineering work. As Agile/ Lean facilitator we should be proactive in improving such engineering competencies, even if we are non technical. I suggest implementing the following two concepts.

Maintain waste basket

For me this represents noneffective requirement management. This contains the cards which decided not to complete after we had started working on them. For me this is the materialization of risks ignored during the estimation phase. However, they can be due to:
– Requirement was a wish which we discovered later that there is no need for
– Requirement is beyond economy to be implemented
– Requirement is non feasible based on the current product architecture.

Defect escape

For me this represents noneffective engineering development practices. Defect escape is defined as “For given set of cards, it is the percentage of defects found after being DONE compared to overall defects of these cards”. This percentage should be zero. The engineering failure is more severe if this measure is non-zero for non New Product Development cards, which represent the repeatable type of work. Examples for causes of non-zero value of this measure are:
– Inadequate architecture
– Poor product owner review
– Overlooked unit testing
– In effective code review

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