Embedding Scrum in Kanban board

In a typical maintenance project managed using Visual board, we can have cards representing bugs, enhancements, new features or new product development. All card types can be managed using the value stream of the visual board except for new product development (NPD). The NPD represents fundamental architectural change into the product leading to break through added features to the existing product. Such NPD card can be managed as Scrum project because of the following.

Long duration
A typical NPD project can take in average 10 weeks which is much longer than cards from other kinds.

Team effort
While a typical card can have one developer, for NPD it requires team.

Requirement management
NPD by definition means requirement will evolve and new discoveries about the product would occur from one iteration to the next. This kind of convoluted development activity would require highly iterative and risk oriented delivery of slices of the requirements.

Different value stream
The value stream for non NPD card is agreeable and visualized. The NPD can have a very different value stream and can employ different skills from the maintenance value stream.

Technical risks
NPD involves myriad of technical risks and can require substantial architectural and design work.

Management oversight
For NPD management and business users would require periodic review of the increment for feedback. In normal value stream though these review  can occur but not to the extent of interactivity required for NPD.

Marketing analysis and ROI
NPD is driven by marketing and financial analysis of ROI. In additional to the technical product risk, there is also financial risks due to competition from other vendors. The revenue model is important for NPD and derives the prioritization of backlog of a NPD card.

Based on the above factors, I would recommend managing NPD card as sub-project using Scrum.

How to classify the card as NPD? Use the above factors as check list. Another rule: the card should be classified as NPD if the current value stream of the visual board fail to work.

What about code integration?
I suggest managing NPD card as separate trunk in the version control system. It can take multiple iterations before we can have shippable product, at that point we should start merging this trunk with the baseline product.

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