Puzzled manager (Fear)

Why we can’t accept work from our clients?

Answer: because all people are busy.

Why all people are busy?

Answer: There are so many projects and deadlines.

Why didn’t we plan this current work?

Answer: We planned, but it didn’t work, in addition our work has lot of defects (we call this maintenance to be nice).

Is this maintenance sort of new feature?

Answer: NO, it’s failure from our side and considerable percentage of our people effort is spent addressing them.

Why you didn’t tell me about that before

Answer: none… ** Fear **

Symptoms of Fear behavior:

  1. We are always busy
  2. People are forced to do work on expense of quality. We create our own technical debt.
  3. We always change priority
  4. We don’t dare to ask our manager to give us work because of available capacity
  5. Distrust
  6. Presence of heroes
  7. We create defects

Please add other symptoms.

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