Agile rollout- overall process approach

In order to stick, the rollout of Agile across various teams should be support by organizational processes. The rollout should be considered only as one component in the overall process improvement initiative. The following diagram shows the 5 main pillars for organizational agile transformation.

The OSSP helps to have uniform understanding of what management expects from every team with regard to its development process. Apart from its own flavor of agile, the team should meet these expectations. OSSP should be light-weigh document and is neutral, means it does not prescribe any specific technique. OSSP is intended to encourage the team to figure out their process while meeting management expectations.

Visualizing end-to-end value stream is where the organization can have an overall look on the MMF in every stage of the value stream. A project can have involvement from multiple teams before we can deliver client value.

Team-wise agile roll-out should be tuned to the context of the team. We should not impose the team process, instead we should help the team to figure out the suitable agile process which satisfies OSSP requirements.

The Metrics pillar provides measures which are directly tied to the organization business objectives. Metrics derive the improvements to achieve the objectives. Metrics include data collections, validation. analysis and reporting. Metrics form common communication language for objectively understanding the capability and maturity of the organization.

The Periodic Process Appraisal pillar helps in establishing continuous process improvement function in the organization. This pillar provides opportunity gaps on the different facets of process implementation including team agile practices, engineering practices, meeting OSSP requirements and Metrics sanity.

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