Kanban stand-ups

The visual board radiates almost all what happen in the project. I hold a daily Kanban board meeting with the purpose:

1. Get the team together in front of the visual board.
2. Ask team members from various stages to talk about the situation of their work.
3. Ensure equivalence of the story which the board tells to what is happening on the reality by team members.
4.  Investigate the status of items which have issues.

For me I found point 3 above is the hardest to achieve. It was amazing for me to learn how it was uncomfortable for people to put on the air what they currently doing and what they plan to do. The moment the team discusses the correlation between the board and the reality; fruitful discussions come to the surface. These discussions serve to:

–      Break ungrounded barriers
Stages of the board represent various skills of the team members. These skills are inter-dependent and visualizing the relevant stages on the board creates sense of collaboration and purpose among individuals apart from their skills.  Also, this can help to see and therefore improve how the team jells together.

–      Maintaining flow
This can be achieved by answering the following:
o   Are there any issues in the existing items and whether we’re taking resolution actions?
o   Do you know which item you’re going to work on next?
o   Is there any stage which has WIP limit more than the actual work?
o   Are there more items in the stage input queue than what it can process in reasonable time?

–      Recognize improvement opportunities.
To explain this point, once we had many issues for items pertaining to certain stage. The discussions revealed that the delay will always happen because of dependency on review. We resolved this issue by creating subsequent stage for review, freeing the problem stage from the stalled items.

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