Are our thoughts belong to us?

Thinking is something we always do without we feel, it is like breathing, we take it for granted. We can’t be alive without breathing, but can we become better if we stop thinking?

In his book “Stop Thinking Start Living“, the late Richard Carlson described that thoughts are the origin of negative feelings which can lead to wrong actions. In his classic “The Power of Positive Thinking“, Norman Peale emphasized on positive thinking as the key driver for man’s flourish and growth.

For me I believe it’s unwise to live with thoughts that can ultimately lead to wrong actions. We need to find a “way” to validate our thoughts. I guess everyone should develop his own way.

When action happens it’s late step of the process on how we behave. Since we are responsible on our actions, then we should find a way to think positively.

I believe it’s our responsibility to find a way to think positively to prevent consequences. Though thoughts they are hidden into us, we are responsible on them. The earlier we handle our thoughts, the better we have control on our feelings and therefore actions. Our actions determine our success in live.

I lived the time when programmers quit without notice or just vanished. Normally, such programmers are calm and weren’t able to make their point across. This sudden quit could have been prevented if there was culture where developers can share their thoughts and which it promote openness.

We have been privileged as humans, among other creatures, by having the power to think. It’s gift, so let’s use it peacefully.

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